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  • Show ring experience
  • Experience training shy and timid dogs
  • Foster home to more than 20 shelter dogs
  • Have owned and trained many breeds - German Shepherds, Labs, Border Collies, Terriers, Golden Retrievers, Akitas

Training Experience

  • 25+ years of combined training experience
  • Certified Canine Good Citizen evaluators
  • Member of Heartland Positive Dog Training Alliance

About Our Trainers and Training Approach

Classes are taught using only positive reinforcement methods.  Sessions include curriculum appropriate for the age and skill of you and your dog.  All behaviors are taught in small increments with practice time and trainer coaching in each class.  We will offer suggestions and customize class content to cover specific problems you  may be having as well.  Our goal is for you and your dog to have the tools and confidence you need to have a healthy and happy relationship for years to come.