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Why Train?
Many dogs wind up in shelters and rescues or placed in the backyard because of unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing, barking, digging, nipping and potty training. Gaining hands-on experience thru dog and puppy training classes is an investment that can pay big dividends over the life of your dog. It's also something that you can do together, resulting in a stronger human/canine bond. Training will help you prevent unwanted behaviors in the first place or help you eliminate them and redirect the energy into desired activities. Don't be frustrated or complain. Take the first step and join a class today.

Our trainers have hands-on experience training their own dogs, rescue and shelter dogs, and group and private classes.  They are familiar with many different breeds as well.  Doggie Do Right only uses positive reinforcement techniques to ensure lessons are fun for both you and your dog.  Our goal is for you to have the skills to train your dog while enhancing your relationship.

Can't take a group class, but want training for your dog?  We offer private lessons as well!  We can tailor the session to focus on your specific needs.  It's easy to schedule.  Give us a call today.


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